Probiotics Cause Harmful Effects When Gut Barrier Becomes Weak

Probiotics cause harmful effects when gut barrier becomes weak. The popularity of probiotics is growing at rapid pace and scientists, therefore, turning their attention to these particles. Now researchers show that their effect may be different for everyone. However, grocery stores across the United States sell different products that include probiotics, offering the promise for healthy […]


Want To Relieve Stress? Practice Transcendental Meditation

Want to relieve stress? Practice transcendental meditation. Many studies have shown that meditation helps combat anything from anxiety to physical pain. Others claim that it boosts our welfare and health. Now, a new study suggests that “transcendental meditation” can reduce stress and also improve emotional intelligence. There’re many types of meditation and even mindfulness techniques […]


Existing Drug Could Prevent Triple-Negative Breast Cancer’s Tumor Growth

Existing drug could prevent triple-negative breast cancer’s tumor growth. The scientists may soon test the drug estradiol in phase II clinical trial. Triple-negative breast cancer, sometimes abbreviated TNBC, is an aggressive form of breast cancer that does not express the genes for three proteins. The three includes progesterone receptor (PR), estrogen receptor (ER), and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). This cancer […]


Average Drinkers Take Less Sick Leaves than Non-Drinkers

Average drinkers take less sick leaves than non-drinkers, a surprising association has been found between the heavy drinkers and teetotalers. According to the recent study, referred as ‘U-shaped relationship’ conducted by a team of researchers from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the groups of people who are completely teetotalers or extremely heavy drinkers are […]