Google One service replaces Drive storage plans and you can now become a subscriber, which wasn’t possible before. Google unveiled this new subscription program with 2TB of online storage promise a few months ago. Now it is rolling out Google Drive storage plans over to a Google One membership.

In Google One plans, you will have many choices including 100 GB for $1.99, a 200 GB option for $2.99, and a 2 TB tier for $9.99. For those who need more storage space, there are also 10 TB, 20 TB and 30 TB plans that cost between$99.99 and $299.99 per month.

When you sign up for the $9.99/month option, 2 TB of storage will be added to your Google account with all the possible upgrades. Interestingly, Google is also offering a Family Plan with Google One that will allow up to 5 members to share their cloud storage under one bill.

“You can easily get in touch with a team of Google experts 24/7 to answer your questions—whether you need help recovering a file you accidentally deleted or want to learn how to use Gmail when you’re offline,” According to Google.

It’s worth noting that “One” is not just limited to Drive but it can also be used for Gmail and Photos. Google has already moved Google Drive storage plans over to a Google One membership. Starting today, people in the US can sign up with the new subscription program which will soon be available in other countries.



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