Key Technology designs belt-fed sorter for fresh-cut leafy greens. An automation manufacturer and a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, has introduced VERYX digital sorters that has the ability to inspect product entirely in-air with top and bottom sensors.

VERYX can detect and eliminate all foreign material (FM) and defects in the products and handle the challenges of sorting leafy greens. With maximum maximizes sort accuracy VERYX extracts more FM and defects as well as eliminate false rejects. An aim behind this new development is to improve food safety and increase yields.

By detecting shape, color, size, structural properties, like the presence or absence of chlorophyll, VERYX withdraws insects, paperboard, rocks, glass, animal parts, wood, and plastics as well as flaws including tipburn, leaf discoloration, and leaves that are decomposed or broken. VERYX can be used to manage a variety of products such as romaine, arugula, frisée, leafy spinach, iceberg, escarole, Belgian endive, watercress, salad mixes, cabbage, mache greens, and radicchio.

“Leafy greens present a sorting challenge because of the way leaves can overlap or clump as they are conveyed through the sorter. The fatal flaw of other sorting systems, in addition to having less effective product handling, is that their top sensors inspect product on the belt,” said Marco Azzaretti, Advanced Inspection Systems Product Manager at Key.

“If FM is sandwiched between layers of leaves, it’s easily missed because these top sensors won’t be able to effectively see through the leaves. VERYX achieves true full-surface inspection of the product stream – no FM can hide from its sensors,”

The sorting system is available in different sizes. At the maximum volume, it can handle up to 8.2 metric tons (18,000 lbs) of fresh-cut leafy greens per hour or more.


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