Endometrial biopsy, or endometrial sampling, is a technique of removing a piece of tissue from the inner lining of the uterus. The sample of tissue is analyzed under a microscope in the laboratory by a pathologist, a doctor with special training in diagnosis of diseases based upon tissue examination. Scope of the Report: Endometrial Biopsy […] Read More

Cell Culture Media are used to provide nutrients for cells growth in research, diagnostic and manufacturing applications. Typical cell culture media contain a mixture of defined nutrients dissolved in a buffered physiological saline solution. In cell culture, media are used to facilitate the growth of cells. Media are water-based liquids that can […] Read More

Dermatology Lasers is a kind of dermatology devices. Our report mainly covers the following product types by laser: Gas Laser Machine, Semiconductor Laser Machine and Gem Laser Machine. Scope of the Report: The worldwide market for Dermatology Laser is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly xx% over the next five years, will reach xx million US$ […] Read More

Endotracheal Tube: A flexible plastic tube that is put in the mouth or nasal, and then down into the trachea (airway). Scope of the Report: In the last several years, global market of Endotracheal Tubes developed stable, with an average growth rate of 4.8%. In 2015, Global capacity of Endotracheal Tubes was more than 290000 K Units. Market […] Read More

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) uses digital technologies to collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals in one location and electronically transmit that information securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations. Monitoring programs can collect a wide range of health data from the […] Read More

Brachytherapy Afterloaders, is kind of machine used in brachytherapy to deliverer radioactive sources into the treatment site, to avoid risk of radiation exposure to clinical staff. Brachytherapy Seeds is radiation sources enclosed within a non-radioactive capsule. The common radiation sources are Iodine-125 Palladium-103 Cesium-137. Scope of […] Read More

Surgical robot can be controlled through computer program to assist surgery. A surgical robot t allows surgeons greater access to areas under operation using more precise and less invasive methods. Scope of the Report: The average price of Surgical Robots is in the decrease trend, from 1280K USD/Unit in 2012 to 1250 K USD/Unit in 2016. The […] Read More

Flexible Endoscopes is a flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs, permitting the early detection and treatment of diseases in the organs. They are used in minimally invasive medical procedures worldwide as a method that is beneficial for both physicians and patients. They are widely used in […] Read More

A Tampon refers to a plug of absorbent material inserted into a body cavity or wound to stop a flow of blood or to absorb secretions, especially one designed for insertion into the vagina during menstruation. Scope of the Report: Europe is the largest supplier of Tampons, with a production market share 39%. And the consumption market share is […] Read More

Surgical Gloves are personal protection equipment (PPE) designed to protect clinicians in operating room (OR) environments. The primary purpose of surgical gloves is to act as a protective barrier for surgeons and nurses to prevent possible transmission of diseases or pathogens during procedures while working with surgical instruments. Scope of […] Read More