Supersonic stealth fighter F-35 jets are the most advanced warplanes of the history of Britain, mutually controlled by the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. The F-35 stealth fighter jets worth multimillion pound have landed on soil of the United Kingdom.

The stealth warplanes were in the United States right from being manufactured and they have been tested at the same site and used for the training by the pilots of Royal Navy and Air Force. Now four of these supersonic fighter jets have flew across the Atlantic and landed at the Royal Air Force Marham in Norfolk.

On Wednesday night at around 8 pm, the jets landed two months earlier than the schedule. John Butcher, Wing Commander of the jet that landed first, reported that a warplane flight was pleasant ahead of the United States.

“The weather was in our favor and it felt absolutely brilliant bringing the jets back here. This is probably the biggest moment in my RAF career to date.”

All pilots of those four pilots were being assisted by the RAF voyager that provided them with refueling in the way like through one aircraft to another in flight to fly over the Atlantic Ocean for no less than 3,000 miles. The four were welcomed by Sir Stephen Hillier, Air Chief Marshal with more dignitaries.

“These formidable fighters are a national statement of our intent to protect ourselves and our allies from intensifying threats across the world. The work that’s gone into their early arrival shows they have the people to match,” said Gavin Williamson Defense Secretary.


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