This drug may improve survival rates for people with liver cancer and reduce adverse effects. A team of researchers from different international institutions set out a study to design a more effective drug to improve liver cancer therapy. The new compound made by this team may help improve survival outcomes in patients with liver cancer.

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or primary liver cancer is a common and severe cancer. It tends to grow and spread at a fast rate. Recent estimates show that hepatocellular carcinoma is the fastest growing cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.

Specialists often prescribe therapy with a drug called “sorafenib” to treat the condition. Sadly, this compound extends survival by only 3 months.

So, researchers from the Cancer Institute of Singapore at the National University of Singapore in Queenstown aimed at developing a new experimental drug, which they call “FFW,” joined up colleagues from other global institutions.

The researchers have explained the process of developing FFW in a paper which is now published in the journal PNAS which concludes that this drug may improve survival rates for people with liver cancer and reduce adverse effects.

Prof. Daniel Tenen, Study co-author from the National University of Singapore said their previous study found that the two proteins called SALL4 and NuRD work together to form a partnership which is the reason behind the development of cancers such as hepatocellular carcinoma.

“Instead of looking for ‘pockets’ on SALL4, our research team designed a biomolecule to block the interaction between SALL4 and NuRD,” Prof. Tenen said.

“By blocking the interaction between SALL4 and NuRD, the biomolecule FFW “has led to tumor cell death and reduced movement of tumor cells,” he observes.



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