Wind farms aggravating global climate change, researchers say.  There are many issues related to the use of wind farms – they can affect both wildlife and their habitats, they kill birds and bats that fly into the rotors.  But we also need to consider here that wind power can be used as an alternative to burning fossil fuels which is plentiful, renewable and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.

They are known as an important source of renewable energy. A switch from fossil fuels to widely distributed, clean wind energy could help reduce the high consumption of water. But wind farms also contribute to local climate change as well as affect the energy, mass and moisture transformation within the air. So, they also exacerbate climate change.

Harvard’s two scientists, Lee Miller, and David Keith suggest that if the U.S. switch to energy generated by wind by reducing the amount of carbon energy — fossil fuels and natural gas – then wind farms would warm average surface temperatures, preventing flowing air that naturally cools the Earth.

“Wind beats coal by any environmental measure, but that doesn’t mean that its impacts are negligible,” notes David Keith, “We must quickly transition away from fossil fuels to stop carbon emissions. In doing so, we must make choices between various low-carbon technologies, all of which have some social and environmental impacts.”

“The jump from no wind turbines to low-density wind turbines cause the most temperature effect per unit energy generation,” Lee Miller notes.

For their research, they used data from the U.S. Geological Survey and power density of wind farms measured in the U.S. during 2016.



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